Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Film Era?

The transition from one film era to the next is commonly because of the three reasons below:

1)    Structure of the film business – some kind of shift in the business of making (and distributing) movies
2)    Film technology – a major advance (or advances) in the way movies are made, which has effect on the majority of films made (becomes a norm)
3)    Content reflects cultural values – a shift in the dominant cultural value of the country which is then mirrored in the films being made

All three of these possible reasons are being introduced today. All three of these major reasons arebeing
majorly changed and influenced today by technology and culture of society. These changes are creating changes in Hollywood that are making what is happening right now very similar to what has happened in the past.

The structure of film business has changed dramatically because the number of corporations and companies that are in control of the media in the United States. The entire nature of parent companies buying and selling other companies has made the film business more about the business and less about the actual art form of the films they make. In the previous years, large blockbuster films are more and more about international distrubution and profits. Now there are just a handful, six in fact, large corporate empires that control and are the masterminds of film and media.

Technology is now changing to the point where almost any person with money and an idea can make a video or movie. This creates movies to be much more commonly made and produced. Many of these films are being made by people who have little to no experience in filmmaking and therefore many films are of low quality in general. Many popular film distributors or studios have been bought since blockbusters were introduced in the 20th century, and now this is why many movies are made by large business. These usually mean that they are made for profit and therefore they do not use budget for story or art, but for visual effects and audience appeal. Major blockbuster films are made for a large audience with large appeal, so the stories are similar and broad. The technology advances in CGI and cheap video cameras have helped contribute to this transition in the film industry.

Since the 90’s many cultural ideas have been spread and used that previously were not as well supported. This is similar to the third requirement for a new era in the film industry. These new ideas and cultural beliefs/values have created a new “genre” of film where movies now are dealing with cultural ideas. Many documentaries of society issues or “inspired off true events” films are becoming common of American culture. Many new ideas are spread through the media, and for every major corporation that accepts new ideas or refuses them, large amounts of people are influenced by the media that they view.

All three of these major shifts are occurring right now and are changing the industry into a new era. As far as naming this age, it doesn’t matter as much as what is actually happening. Our society is being influenced by media due to cheaper technologies, new society ideas, and the sheer organization of the industry. Definitely, Hollywood has been entering a new era of filmmaking that will define what our culture sees in the future.

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